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Amar and Ella - Reception, July 13, 2019

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

July was a busy month for me! Amar and Ella had two celebrations that I got to document for them. Their wedding was at Villa Manresa in Watsonville, California, it was absolutely gorgeous and a pleasure to be apart of! After their wedding in Watsonville, they had an Indian Reception at The Royal Palace Banquet Hall in Fremont, California. This was another fun gathering! I love Indian Celebrations for all the colors and sparkle! It's just so pretty, all of it! The only unfortunate part was that Simba wasn't there. He was cuddled SO much by everyone at the wedding at Villa Manresa. Simba is loved by many!

After their first celebration and listening to family and friends speak of Amar and Ella, I felt like I've known them forever. They have huge hearts and are loved by so many! The welcoming of Ella into Amar's family was so sweet and you could just tell that his family loves her so much.

Congratulations you two (again!)! Now its on to the next chapter in your lives!

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