Jada's Senior Session, Class of 2022 - Sacramento, Auburn, Lincoln, Roseville, Rocklin, Photographer

Gosh I haven't blogged a session is SO LONG! To be honest, I am super bad about blogging, it's just one of those things that I forget to do. I am seriously going to just blog every session that I have from now on, instead of just blogging weddings. There is so much more to share!

Senior shoots are always fun! Jada was pretty shy at first, but once we started shooting and with me guiding her in my comical ways, we made for an amazing shoot! I have so much fun with my clients, I seriously do!

Every time I do a senior session, I am reminded at how much fun these types of shoots are! That goes for one-on-one shoots in general. I love being able to focus on making one person looking their absolute best in each setting. I always show my clients a few snaps on my camera during my shoot because it brings joy and increases my client's confidence. When I see my client "feeling it" and having a good time, that's when the best photos are made, truly!

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