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Mia and J.J. - Married - September 5, 2021, Sneak Peek - Sacramento Wedding Photographer

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

What a magical day it was! Mia and J.J. tied the knot at White Ranch Events in Chico, California. Talk about a photographer's paradise, this venue was absolutely gorgeous! Mia and J.J. shared their special day with their family and friends and it was beautiful. Their wedding location made for perfect golden hour photos with big open fields and big open skies! Congratulations to Mia and J.J.! I wish the two of you nothing but happiness as you begin your journey in marriage!


ANNOUNCEMENT - A New Adventure Awaits!

I will be finishing out the year with my 2021 wedding and portrait session bookings and then we will be making our way to Missouri in early 2022!

It has been a pleasure working with everyone here in California!


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