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Wedding Photographer

Meet Me!

I am a wife to my amazing husband who encourages me to follow my dreams.

We have one beautiful daughter. 
I love our little family.

We are fun, love the outdoors and love to farm!

Oh and I LOVE plants!! 
I am a major plant nerd and love making plant starts all day long for our other business!

As far as photography goes..
I'm professional, fun, and crack lame jokes at times so I will likely have you laughing during our session.  Oh and being a mama myself, I understand the dedication, determination, and ridiculous sounds it takes sometimes to get these kids to smile!

I'm outgoing, friendly, down to earth and very easy to work with.

I cherish every one of my clients as they bring me a new, unique experience every time! 
I can truly say that I am blessed.


I love all types of photography, but weddings are my favorite.  I've watched way too many chick flicks and dreamed of being in the biz thanks to watching "The Wedding Planner" and "Father of the Bride" way too many times!  I remember the super quick photography scene in "Father of the Bride" and thought to myself as a kid, "I want to do that!"

I love everything about weddings, and I'm always thrilled at the opportunity to document another love story.  I love seeing the joy and happiness that comes from weddings, and I will usually share a tear or two.  It's inevitable I can't help it.  Oh and I will likely dance at your wedding.  I gotta move and grove to get those dancing shots, otherwise I feel awkward not moving to the music.  What can I say, I love what I do.


When I'm not shooting weddings, I enjoy capturing the joy of families!  Documenting these precious moments are so important, and I am incredibly happy to be apart of it by getting to witness my clients grow and watching their family grow.

I look forward to meeting you and documenting all of your memories!


California Couples photographer
california wedding photographer
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