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Photography mentor and educator

Photography Mentorships & Worshops


I offer mentorships and workshops (coming soon!) for photographers.

1:1 Mentorship program

I will discuss photography, photo editing goals, marketing, social-media marketing, branding, and all things business related. 


I will offer programs for beginning photographers and photographers with experience who are ready to take their business to the next level. 

I am currently developing the course outline.

1:1 In person

This is ideal for a photographer already established wanting to take their business to the next level.

Learn how I do my couples sessions, from start to finish. You will shoot a full session with me and grab dinner together after.

You will have your own full gallery of images afterwards to add to your portfolio.

What you get with your mentoring session:

- You will shoot a couples session with me for 1 hour and dinner afterwards on me for debrief.

- We point out the areas where you are struggling before our session (whatever area that might be!)

- We dig into those struggle areas during our session and afterwards we chat some more at dinner.

- Instagram and website critique from me at dinner

I'm an open book! Literally ask me anything

- You will leave with new knowledge and a full gallery of stunning images to help you attract your ideal clients.

1:1 online call

This is for the photographer who is just starting out, but has some knowledge in photography already.

What you get with your mentoring session:

- This will take place on a zoom call

- Topics to discuss- attracting ideal clients, branding. editing, social media, & more.

- You will receive a questionnaire after purchasing this to tell me a little bit about what you want to focus on during our call.

- I will do a website and Instagram critique with you & you can ask me any questions you'd like.

- If you are struggling with editing, we can edit a few images together!


photography education


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