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Wedding Trend - Bride & Groom First Look

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

What is a First Look?

A first look is when the bride and groom set time aside to see each other before the ceremony. The couple gets to have a private moment together vs. your traditional way, when the groom see's the bride for the first time when she comes down the aisle.

Traditionally, the bride and groom will wait until the ceremony to see each other for the first time. Some couples like to keep the traditional way and other couples like to choose a first look. In my opinion, I think first looks are awesome and I wish I did one with my husband when we got married. We were stuck on traditional, well I think I was for the most part, so I didn't even know it was a thing until I started wedding photography. If intimacy and romance is your thing, then doing a first-look is right up your alley.

First-look's are awesome and here's why: Calms the Nerves

Let's face it, the bride and groom are always nervous on their wedding day. There is A LOT going on and there is lots of stimulation from all angles. Adrenaline is through the roof, I mean you're feeling all the feels on your day. Some people get so nervous, they feel sick from it. No joke, I've seen it, I've had it happen to myself, its common, it's no fun. The thought of all the people watching can make some feel ill and others don't mind the spotlight at all, everyone is different.

First-looks will ease you into your day even more, like a "pre-celebration" to share with each other before your ceremony. Whether you're a nervous nut or playing it cool, first-looks will ease the nerves as you have your private moment together.

Opportunity for More Photos

Yes, more photos of the bride and groom! First looks are always done before the ceremony and your photographer (hopefully me!), will find the best spot at the venue with a gorgeous backdrop and good lighting to set up your first look!

From the moment the bride walks up to the groom, to her tapping him on the shoulder, him turning around, and his first reaction, all captured! As the bride and groom continue to love on one another, the photographer is capturing all of this. A Chance to Read Your Vows

Again, not everyone is big on the "everyone watching you" kind of thing, which is why a lot of couples choose the elopement path to avoid this pressure, but a lot of couples will read their vows during their first look to share the moment together, before the big crowd.

Couples are always relieved and feel like the pressure has been lifted when they read their vows to each other ahead of time. More emotions and feeling exchanged, more moments captured.

Getting Ahead of the Game!

Besides being able to see the person you are about to marry for the first time and getting a ton more photos, you know what else is pretty cool about first looks? Knocking out the majority of the photos prior to the ceremony!

Once the first-look is done, if time is allowed on the timeline, the two wedding parties can now come together for the group photos and get all of the those knocked out. If time allows, family photos can be done during this time too, and boom, now you have your wedding party photos done and family photos done before the ceremony! You'll have less photos to take immediately following the ceremony, so you can make it half-way through the cocktail hour if you choose too, or soak up that cocktail hour for bride and groom portraits. Oh and there's more bride and groom photos too.. sunset!

First Looks are Romantic!

Lets not forget the most important reason for first-looks, ROMANCE! That's right, romance. First looks are so intimate when you get to see each for the first time with no other outside noise.

Tears happen almost always for this heart wrenching moment between the bride and groom! A little bit of PDA and maybe a twirl, all captured by the photographer! The groom will ALWAYS stare at his bride in a daze for the longest moment, soaking up all her beauty, with no one else watching. Private, intimate moments are wonderful.

- Connect with a Wedding Photographer

Your wedding location will have so much beauty to offer for stunning backdrops on your wedding day, and of course, you will want these moments captured. As photojournalist wedding photographers in Northern California, we capture all the smiles and all the raw feels as each moment happens. My goal is to relax, have fun and most importantly, make your wedding day vision come to life.

Call us at (530) 401-0509 or get in touch through our website's contact form. I will be touch with you within 24 hours. You can check out my blog to see more of my wedding photography style and my Instagram has all of my work too, don't forget to follow me! I can't wait to meet you and hear all about your wedding vision!

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